Green Crystal Opal
  • Green Crystal Opal

    This is the brightest  crystal Opal i have witth green and gold fire. it comes From a small Isolated town Called Andamooka where Australias finest crystal Opal is mined. At the End of the Track Starts South Australian outback and the Symson desert. After here its the big nothing, no people live at all. with so few miners and visitors its very rare to come across an opal from this mine as its Very stable, Dry and highly sought after by cutters as This Opal will last a lifetime. 

    • 14 day Full Refund Available

      Returns are of course accepted should your expectations not be met. Videos are taken in sunlight and photos in indoor light to show you the true to life colors for when you unpack your Opals. Shipping is via FedEx with full tracking all the way. Should you wish to return your Opals within 14 days for a full refund you will only be required pay your return courier fees and refund will be issued upon the return of your shipment.

      Shamus Lennon